E-Phoenix E-Phoenix

The best and cheapest E-Phoenix e-liquids you buy at Mr-joy !!

The E-Phoenix e-fluids are qualified by chemists in the United Kingdom, where they are also produced and tested. The 10ml bottles consist of a variety of good flavors

[ohm +] = Suitable for +1.0 Ohm coils (true cigarette "MOUTH TO LONG"), thin e-liquids.
= Suitable for -1.0 Ohm coils (water pipe effect "DIRECT LONG") syrupy e-liquids.
E-liquids with a VG of 50 or more are syrup, E-liquids with a PG of 50 or more are thin.

The taste:

  • Emerald A sweet, rich custard, with a delicious mix of ground almonds and fresh pistachio nuts. This creamy nut mix allows you to dance your taste buds
  • Jade This refreshing tropical mix combines fresh kiwi and ripe figs with a mix of juicy raspberries and coconut. You will never like an e-liquid as fast as these
  • Ruby Enjoy this sweet and juicy taste that consists of delicious passion fruit and pear. A little hint of grapefruit and lime just adds that extra spicy touch to your taste buds
  • Sapphire The most impressive and tasteful tobacco flavor you will ever try. A mix of creamy coffee, tropical coconut and mild tones of Tahitian vanilla and roasted almonds. A real recommend for tobacco lovers
  • Topaz A creamy peanut butter, combined with banana cream, pieces of cake and a little bit of honey. Buttery and full flavor, to more taste

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