IQOS is a device released by Philip Morris. Unlike an electronic cigarette, IQOS uses real tobacco, but the tobacco is no longer burned but heated. This means that no more smoke is released, but a nicotine-containing vapor without the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. The tobacco sticks used with IQOS are called HEETS and come in different tobacco blends, including some menthol variants. The use of real tobacco provides an experience closer to real smoking. In terms of ritual, it’s very similar to smoking a cigarette as well: using a tobacco stick has a start and end and the duration corresponds to the time it takes to smoke a normal cigarette. That explains the high success rate of switching completely to a better alternative with heated tobacco.


How does the IQOS work?

The principle of heating tobacco is very simple. The tobacco sticks called HEETS are heated by the IQOS device and release a nicotine-containing vapor or aerosol without burning.  As a result, nicotine and aroma components are released, but not the combustion products. The most harmful components in the smoke from a cigarette are the result of tobacco combustion. The aerosol from HEETS contains 95% less harmful substances compared to cigarette smoke. The most important point here is that with a traditional cigarette, temperatures of up to 600 ℃ generate many chemicals. When using the IQOS in combination with HEETS, temperatures up to 350 ℃ cause no ash or smoke. Heating tobacco is therefore a better choice than burning tobacco. Heating tobacco is not risk-free. Heated tobacco and e-cigarettes are only a better choice for adult smokers and therefore not intended for non-smokers.

The vapor that is released when heating the HEETS does have an odor, but it is much less strong than cigarette smoke and disappears quickly. Your clothes, hands, house and car no longer smell like cigarette smoke. Moreover, your fingers and the walls, furniture and curtains no longer discolor. Because there is no combustion, there is also no more ash or fire.


What is unique about the IQOS?

Most alternatives to smoking are characterized by the fact that no combustion takes place. With e-cigarettes, a liquid is heated and a vapor is released, with or without nicotine. Nicotine is naturally found in tobacco. Nicotine is added to the liquid in e-cigarettes with liquids. There are various devices on the market for administering nicotine. In the Netherlands, IQOS is the only product that heats tobacco. HEETS tobacco sticks have been specially developed for IQOS after years of research and development by Philip Morris. Meanwhile, 12 million people worldwide have stopped smoking and switched to IQOS!

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