Display ban January 1, 2021

The display ban for the e-cigarette has unfortunately entered into force in the Netherlands on January 1, 2021, which means that no photos or images can be seen on our website.

Display ban for our online store

Because unfortunately, the display ban also applies online and that means that the following is prohibited:
Show images or photos of products
Showing drawings or contours of products
Show colors of products in any way
The national government says the following:
From January 1, 2021, tobacco products and related products may no longer be displayed in online stores (including videos). Links to other websites with visually appealing features such as images and videos of tobacco products and related products are also not permitted.
This is the reason why our website looks so bare and empty.

No display ban for our physical stores

We have some positive news to tell for our physical stores in Amsterdam. The display ban does not apply for this and our products do not have to be behind closed doors.

We fall under the heading of specialty store and the national government says the following about this:
The display ban does not apply to specialty stores that meet a number of requirements, including registration with the NVWA.

Om onze webshop te kunnen bezoeken dient u 18 jaar of ouder te zijn.

Bent u ouder dan 18 jaar?